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Married // Elizabeth & Charlie // Charlotte, NC: Queen’s University

Elizabeth & Charles are high school sweethearts (adorable, I know.) I couldn’t keep my eyes dry the entire day of their wedding. Every time I thought I could compose myself another precious moment would unfold in front of my eyes. THIS couple, THIS wedding party, and THIS newly united family is the reason that I love my job.

When Elizabeth first contacted me to capture her engagement photos, I KNEW that she was my kind of girl! A pinterest fanatic and up for creativity. I always like to incorporate each couples’ story into their engagement pictures… this is how Elizabeth told the story of her and Charles… “We met in 2006 when I was a freshman and he was a junior in high school. We were about as opposite as they came, he was captain of the wrestling team and I was in colorguard and orchestra. My parents were a little anxious about a boyfriend at 14 and probably thought it was just puppy love. We were at the same high school until he graduated then he went to UNCC. When I graduated high school two years later we had officially accomplished being high school sweethearts.  But we knew it was more than that. We always talk about lazy sunday afternoons in college watching football and just cuddling on the couch. For our 5th anniversary in 2011 he took me to Savannah, GA and we really liked the atmosphere and had a great time.  He then decided to join the Navy while I pursued nursing at Queens University. Before he went to basic in May 2012, he promised me another short trip to Savannah where we could spend time just the two of us.  We wrote each other every single day.  It was our first time really apart and we both waited and watched the mail for letters. We could only manage a few brief 2 minute phone calls the entire 2 months apart and each call was always very emotional. Even though I had so many things to say and tell him, all we could manage to get out was “I love you, forever and always”. In July he graduated boot camp and I got to see him for less than 24hours, but it is a memory we’ll never forget.  When we found each other in the chaos and I located him in the sea of uniforms we hugged and I swear we were the only people in the room.  We literally talked all day and when I had to leave him at the airport the next day it was very hard, but we knew we had so much to look forward to.  Especially our trip in October when I would come to visit him in Pensacola.  Our time now consisted of FaceTime while I studied for my nursing classes and in between all the things he had to do for the navy.  In October I was so excited to go to Pensacola and the beach was the first place I wanted to go once I got there.  So we headed to the beach and I didn’t think anything of it.  We were walking around and the sun was starting to set.  He starts to shake and I see flashes behind me.  He then tries to say a speech he’d been working on for a week, but was so nervous he couldn’t get through it.  He got down on one knee and almost before he even asked, I said yes.   He then had a blanket set up with roses candles and champagne where we sat and called our families.  Mostly everyone’s reactions were “it’s about time”. “

OK, ok, ok… so if you go through that story without shedding a tear… just wait for it…


When Elizabeth and her father, Jeff, passed me down the isle, Elizabeth’s left hand was shaking like a leaf. It was one of those, “Oh my gosh, this is really happening” shakes. I loved being able to witness that raw emotion and being able capture the SAME smirk stretched across both her and her dad’s face at THIS moment. It’s all too precious for words.


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