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Engaged // Sara & Ian // NoDa

Sara & Ian met in Grad School at UNCC while they both pursued their Masters Degree in Counseling. These two beautiful people were referred to me by my dear friend and their former Grad School classmate, Kaylyn. When Kay first mentioned to me that Sara & Ian were engaged she said, “There’s no doubt that Sara and Ian will have a lasting marriage, because when issues arise in their relationship, they can just counsel their way through it.” How amazing is that? Sara & Ian are one of the most laid-back couples that I’ve been so lucky to work with and their story is too precious.

I like to hear as much about a couple’s relationship before I begin a photographic adventure with them. It gives me inspiration and helps me relate to what makes them a unique pair. Ian’s proposal to Sara was like a fairytale and I can’t wait to elaborate on that subject in a bit. Until then, enjoy a few of their shots that we took together in NoDa last weekend…


“He said he knew after our first real conversation ever (in the parking lot at school after class) that he wanted to marry me.”-Sara


The Proposal: On April 5, 2013, we got engaged:)Ian had the ring for a month before getting down on one knee, and told me that for that month it was so hard to keep the secret from me. He couldn’t wait any longer and had to do it before we graduated. The day we got engaged, Ian had asked if I wanted to go to the roof of the parking garage at UNCC. It was firework night at the baseball field and this particular roof top over looked all of the sporting fields, including the baseball field; not to mention, one of the first times we hung out, we sat in the bed of his truck at this spot just talking. So that night, we went and got take out food, parked his truck and spread a blanket out to eat in his truck bed. He then told me he wanted me to have my graduation gift a little early. I opened the first gift, a framed poem that has a lot of sentiment for us. Then the second gift I opened was a jersey from the show “Friday Night Lights.” (again something we watched and connected together with in the beginning). When I turned the jersey over, the top said “Mrs. Sanders.” The rest is a little hazy, but before I knew it he was on one knee, and I had a ring on my finger:)ha and here we are today:)


Can’t wait for your spring wedding, Ian & Sara! Congrats again!!!

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