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Bridals // Karla’s Bridal Session // Brakefield at Riverwalk // Rock Hill, SC

Bridal Portraits At BrakefieldI’ve known Karla since middle school and I felt so honored to be asked to photograph this amazing time in her life. For her bridal session, we went to her wedding venue at Brakefield at Riverwalk in Rock Hill, SC. Her venue was stunning and the staff went WAY over the top with making sure that our needs were met. We’d thank the coordinator, Kelly, over and over when she’d help us move something, open something, get the leaves blown off the lawn, or windows streak-free ( no, we didn’t ask for any of that, she just did it because she’s awesome ). Every time, she’d just say, “It’s no big deal. It’s my pleasure. Why are you thanking me?” Even though these things may sound little or “no big deal,” it really said something to me about the way a Bride and Groom should be treated during this time in their lives. Often, wedding vendors tend to think that it’s all about them (their needs, their rules, their expectations of the bride and groom, etc) when in reality, it’s the complete opposite. When you build good relationships with clients and make them feel special, you’ll gain new clients in return. In a world full of people who think it’s all about “me, me, me”, I’m so glad that Karla got to work with a venue that KNEW that it was really all about her.
sc wedding photographerk4PTM Storyboard 2 Up VerticalFunny story. Karla REALLY wanted a portrait made with the sign she is holding below. Her mom went with us during her bridal session and we had to think of how we were going to pull off this portrait without her mom knowing. First, Karla put the sign in the back of her car. As I arrived to her house where we’d ride to the venue together, her mom ran outside and tried to help me move all of my equipment from one car to the other. Karla busts out of her front door and says, “MOM! Can you come back inside PLEASE? I need you for something.” Meanwhile pointing and mouthing at me about the sign being in the back of the car. From there I put the sign in my equipment case so her mom wouldn’t see us carry it into the venue. Once the time came for us to take the photo, I had to lie to her mom and ask her to go to the car to try to find my “purple folder that I had left in the backseat… but maybe in the trunk.” She totally fell for it and our performance of the day was priceless! This shot was totally worth the effort:)

Always be your little girlmom and bridebriderock hill sc Wedding photography stunning wedding photographywedding veil shotFor the last shot below on the right, we replicated Karla’s mom’s bridal portrait from when she married Karla’s dad. <3 <3outdoor bridal portraitsVENUE | Brakefield at Riverwalk, Rock Hill, SC

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Armantine Wyatt - WOW!!! Absolutely Stunning…Quality photography. Creative poses ans beautiful lighting. Breathtaking Bride!!!

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