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Personal // Being a Creative… and being a Bride // Week #1

This is me being REAL, scatter brained, overwhelmed, and vulnerable. THIS is my diary entry of week #1 of being both a Creative and a Bride-to-be.

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Step #1: What’s the first step in wedding planning? BUDGET! Here is God’s answer to my ever burning question

Seth proposed last Saturday, May 2nd at my surprise birthday party. Saturday was a day for celebration followed by Sunday as the day of realization. With reality set in and Seth speaking freely about expectations for his ideal wedding, I start to reel through all of my 26 years worth of wedding ideas and feel a little nervous & nauseous. I’m an extremely prideful person. I don’t ask for help. I feel uncomfortable with handouts. I always want to do everything 100% on my own. BUT let’s get real… weddings are EXPENSIVE. Therefore, I talked to Seth about taking on another job to help pay for everything. He’s my #1 cheerleader and any time I say something about considering a PT job, he says, “Focus on your business. The money will come. Have confidence.” He says this, and I KNOW he is right, BUT I scrolled through every job/career/”we’re hiring” site online on Sunday, while simultaneously praying that God would show me which direction to go in. On Monday I woke up, prayed some more, and was packaging orders when I received a phone call from a popular performing arts studio owner who said she looked at my website and was impressed by my dance photography and wanted me to photograph for their studio… Here I am on the phone trying not to SHRILL when I recognize that this is God, saying… “Here’s your answer.” Later that afternoon, I received 2 more inquiries for family sessions plus a wedding inquiry. Ok, God. I get it!

Step #2: Venues + Photographers

Tuesday, I started considering both venues and photographers… okay okay… mostly photographers. Therefore I have looked at roughly 100+ local photographers’ profiles in the last few days. In saying that, I’m finding myself reevaluating myself as a Creative, a Photographer, and a Business owner. I find myself saying “I hate that cheesy BS posing that this photog does”…. “I freaking LOVE this photog’s lighting. I want to eat that photo”… “Oh, GOD, can you PLEASE use a reflector”……. BUT mostly what I’m thinking is “I need to incorporate this editing style/lighting/posing/etc into my own work and I need to get rid of X, Y, & Z because it has nothing to do with what I want my brand to represent” Basically being a Bride + a Creative may be the best thing that has happened for BRP… THANKS SETH!! 😀 BUT… I think I’ve found OUR wedding photographer… PRAYING that they are available. My thoughts… Photographer>Venue! #priorities

So…TODAY, right this very second I’m listening to a recording of an amazing photographer, Julia Kelleher, who is talking about “knowing your purpose as an artist, creating a theme, and deciphering your brand.” Mind you, this is completely a coincidence. I just turned on my favorite inspirational site and this was what was playing… Simultaneously, I’m editing and packaging orders. I just reached for my blank CDs when I accidentally picked up my set of old backup CDs from circa 2011. The CD on top makes me laugh and remember where I came from. The CD label is completely unbranded and a random color/style that I bought from some random site. What is most important about finding this is that I wrote my original mission statement on the label. Here is what it says…

I shoot. I shoot for the future. I shoot for now. I shoot in the moment. I shoot to bring back time. I shoot for the stars. I shoot during the storm. I shoot to make you laugh. I shoot to catch a smile. I shoot to embrace tears. I shoot for the unexpected. I shoot for “the first time”. I shoot for “the last time”. I shoot for perfection. I shoot for flaws. I shoot for you. I shoot for me…


And instantly I’m crying (woops!) Each of those short sentences hold symbolism for me and actually mean more to me today than they did when I first wrote them. I can actually mentally match a perfect photo that I’ve taken with each of those sentences.  (I’ll probably have to do another blog post to incorporate that). The statement up there is EVERYTHING to me and I had completely forgot that I had even originally incorporated into my business brand many years ago. #gettingbacktomyroots This also brings me back to how everything happens for a reason. There was a reason that I got proposed to on Saturday. A reason I questioned myself Sunday. A reason I received that phone call on Monday. And a reason Julia Kelleher was talking about purpose. A reason for reaching after the wrong CD case… Everything falls into place where it should according to God’s plan.

Week #1 as a Creative + a Bride has left me inspired and all “Hakuna Matata!”



Ellen Sondee - Congrats Brooke! Such a coincidence, I was organizing and came across Julia’s dance CD from 2011/2012 – I recognized that CD in your blog right away!!! - Thank you! and WOW! That is so funny! What a coincidence. I hope the family is doing well, also. Wishing Julia luck on her upcoming recital!

Kaylyn Davis - This is a great post!! Just remember, nothing is truly coincidence. God is at work for sure! ❤️ - Very true! and those were the EXACT words that my mom used when I talked to her too :)

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