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MY engagement session // Iron Station, NC

As the old saying goes, you truly don’t know what you’re in for until you are in it. I photograph Engagement sessions on a regular basis. I do what I can to help my brides plan for everything from the clothes they’ll wear to the location. So OBVIOUSLY, when I began planning my own engagement session I thought, “I got this!” EEENNTT! (that was a buzzer noise, in case you had a hard time sounding that out) Wrong. In real life… when you want something fabulous… it doesn’t come easy. Especially when your future hubby is as particular as you are. The questions went ON and ON with him and there is no way on earth that I’m the only bride to experience this! For 2 months I heard, “What am I going to wear? Where are we taking the photos? What about the dog? Should I cut my hair?” All I wanted was simple… one casual outfit for us and one fabulous outfit, both of which needed to incorporate our wedding colors. Seth was off work for 3 days the week before our engagement session. He “didn’t want to” go shopping on those days to find his outfits so… the DAY BEFORE our session I went to the mall and literally bought everything I saw that was burgundy. Including the burgundy sports coat that we saw in the store together a month before and he refused to try on. Seth came home from work that evening to a kitchen full of potential outfits hanging from the doorways and each dining room chair:)

This is how I see it. If your guy doesn’t like shopping, shop for him and put him in whatever you think looks good. Of course, he gave me grief about what I brought home… “Velvetttt, Brook?? Everyone expects YOU to wear eccentric clothes, but there is NO WAY that I’m wearing that jacket.” Mehehehe. After he saw the photos he said, “Wow, that jacket really pops in the photos. I did look pretty good after all.” Mmmhmm.

Aside from the impeccable wardrobe selection that I knew was going to look fabulous, I also already knew that Seth literally had zero clue what to expect when it came to having his photo taken professionally. Oddly enough, I feel that HE was way more comfortable in front of the camera than I was. Our photographer, Marylou, was pretty awesome at giving direction, but sometimes I couldn’t help but think… “OMG there has got to be so much neck happening from this angle. My hair is out of control right now. Ew, this is my “bad side,” but I trust her. I’m probably going to look like Miss Piggy in all of these photos.” I knew that all I needed to do was chill and trust Marylou and in the end I truly could not have asked for more perfect photos of Seth and I. It was everything I wanted. Our future wedding venue. A creek. Seth wearing boots. Big curly hair. Our favorite field. Golden light and sun flare. Woods. Velvet. Our wedding color, Marsala. Seth in that jacket! And a laid back & super skilled photographer to capture our memories for us perfectly. Thank you so very much, Marylou, for dealing with our crazy dog, our awkwardness, and my fumbles while wearing heels in a field of briers. I can’t wait for more excitement during my bridal portraits!






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