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Personal // Being a Creative… and being a Bride // Week #1

This is me being REAL, scatter brained, overwhelmed, and vulnerable. THIS is my diary entry of week #1 of being both a Creative and a Bride-to-be.

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Step #1: What’s the first step in wedding planning? BUDGET! Here is God’s answer to my ever burning question

Seth proposed last Saturday, May 2nd at my surprise birthday party. Saturday was a day for celebration followed by Sunday as the day of realization. With reality set in and Seth speaking freely about expectations for his ideal wedding, I start to reel through all of my 26 years worth of wedding ideas and feel a little nervous & nauseous. I’m an extremely prideful person. I don’t ask for help. I feel uncomfortable with handouts. I always want to do everything 100% on my own. BUT let’s get real… weddings are EXPENSIVE. Therefore, I talked to Seth about taking on another job to help pay for everything. He’s my #1 cheerleader and any time I say something about considering a PT job, he says, “Focus on your business. The money will come. Have confidence.” He says this, and I KNOW he is right, BUT I scrolled through every job/career/”we’re hiring” site online on Sunday, while simultaneously praying that God would show me which direction to go in. On Monday I woke up, prayed some more, and was packaging orders when I received a phone call from a popular performing arts studio owner who said she looked at my website and was impressed by my dance photography and wanted me to photograph for their studio… Here I am on the phone trying not to SHRILL when I recognize that this is God, saying… “Here’s your answer.” Later that afternoon, I received 2 more inquiries for family sessions plus a wedding inquiry. Ok, God. I get it!

Step #2: Venues + Photographers

Tuesday, I started considering both venues and photographers… okay okay… mostly photographers. Therefore I have looked at roughly 100+ local photographers’ profiles in the last few days. In saying that, I’m finding myself reevaluating myself as a Creative, a Photographer, and a Business owner. I find myself saying “I hate that cheesy BS posing that this photog does”…. “I freaking LOVE this photog’s lighting. I want to eat that photo”… “Oh, GOD, can you PLEASE use a reflector”……. BUT mostly what I’m thinking is “I need to incorporate this editing style/lighting/posing/etc into my own work and I need to get rid of X, Y, & Z because it has nothing to do with what I want my brand to represent” Basically being a Bride + a Creative may be the best thing that has happened for BRP… THANKS SETH!! 😀 BUT… I think I’ve found OUR wedding photographer… PRAYING that they are available. My thoughts… Photographer>Venue! #priorities

So…TODAY, right this very second I’m listening to a recording of an amazing photographer, Julia Kelleher, who is talking about “knowing your purpose as an artist, creating a theme, and deciphering your brand.” Mind you, this is completely a coincidence. I just turned on my favorite inspirational site and this was what was playing… Simultaneously, I’m editing and packaging orders. I just reached for my blank CDs when I accidentally picked up my set of old backup CDs from circa 2011. The CD on top makes me laugh and remember where I came from. The CD label is completely unbranded and a random color/style that I bought from some random site. What is most important about finding this is that I wrote my original mission statement on the label. Here is what it says…

I shoot. I shoot for the future. I shoot for now. I shoot in the moment. I shoot to bring back time. I shoot for the stars. I shoot during the storm. I shoot to make you laugh. I shoot to catch a smile. I shoot to embrace tears. I shoot for the unexpected. I shoot for “the first time”. I shoot for “the last time”. I shoot for perfection. I shoot for flaws. I shoot for you. I shoot for me…


And instantly I’m crying (woops!) Each of those short sentences hold symbolism for me and actually mean more to me today than they did when I first wrote them. I can actually mentally match a perfect photo that I’ve taken with each of those sentences.  (I’ll probably have to do another blog post to incorporate that). The statement up there is EVERYTHING to me and I had completely forgot that I had even originally incorporated into my business brand many years ago. #gettingbacktomyroots This also brings me back to how everything happens for a reason. There was a reason that I got proposed to on Saturday. A reason I questioned myself Sunday. A reason I received that phone call on Monday. And a reason Julia Kelleher was talking about purpose. A reason for reaching after the wrong CD case… Everything falls into place where it should according to God’s plan.

Week #1 as a Creative + a Bride has left me inspired and all “Hakuna Matata!”



Ellen Sondee - Congrats Brooke! Such a coincidence, I was organizing and came across Julia’s dance CD from 2011/2012 – I recognized that CD in your blog right away!!! - Thank you! and WOW! That is so funny! What a coincidence. I hope the family is doing well, also. Wishing Julia luck on her upcoming recital!

Kaylyn Davis - This is a great post!! Just remember, nothing is truly coincidence. God is at work for sure! ❤️ - Very true! and those were the EXACT words that my mom used when I talked to her too :)


Dance Studio Photography by Brook Rudolph Photography

Dance photography makes my heart flutter <3

Many moons ago I was a dance instructor. My life was consumed by dance. Early mornings in the dance studio at UNCC and late nights at the dance studios I worked for in college. For many years I even felt in my heart that my future career would involve having my own studio… Until I found photography. Words can’t describe that moment when I looked around and realized that my life was changing because I had a camera in my hand. Once I silently realized that photography was where I blossomed I started photographing my dance students. Parents bought my photos that I took of their kids and I’ll forever be grateful for their generosity, kind words, and encouragement. Then I photographed my students in the classroom, now I photograph for studios on stage, backstage, and in their costumes. Having the opportunity to photograph my FIRST love makes me the happiest person in the world.

A HUGE thank you to my current contracted dance studios for allowing me to photograph the students and staff who are a part of your dream, in pursuit of my own! Below are a few images from a studio that I LOVE LOVE LOVE, Terpsichore’s Dance Centre of Huntersville, NC!

TERPSSNEAKPTM 2012 9 up Collage Templage

danceblog1PTM Storyboard 2 Updanceblog1PTM Storyboard 3 Up Bdanceblog2PTM Storyboard 2 UpdanceblogPTM Storyboard 2 UpdanceblogPTM Storyboard 3 Up Bdanceblog4 horizontal Collage Template


Spring Family Photo Session in Dallas, NC

I first met THE most adorable little curly-haired boy at his preschool when photographing Fall School portraits. The director of the preschool immediately commented once proofs were back in that I needed to use this kid as the poster child for all of my preschool advertising. I totally agreed and thankfully his parents did as well! I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to photograph their entire family full of beautiful people recently for one of my favorite sessions yet!!




One of my absolute favorites is of the bottom left photo. To me it just shows this family’s personality so well. The wild child son who’s always on the move, beautiful mommy, happy dad, and “I’m just here to look cute” little sister 😛 <3SpringMiniMalone7


Big thanks to my friends Mike and Cody for allowing me to photograph on your family’s property as well!


Nicole + Travis // Denver, NC

These two… <3 I can’t put into words how adorable they are. Last time I photographed them Nicole showed up with a bag full of goodies for their Christmas photo session, which included homemade fake snow and old school Christmas lights. I was not surprised at all to find out that for this session she had made her own dress and flower crown. I LOVE this girl! Swoon over their sweetness below…